Hansa PC4510B425
Category:   » Appliances » Large home appliances » Washing machines
Model: PC4510B425
Manufacturer: Hansa
Download type       frontal
Maximum load of laundry (kg)       4.50
Drying       no
Management type       electronic
Intelligent control of washing       Yes
Display       Yes
Display Type       digital
Width (cm)       60
Depth (cm)       43
Height (cm)       85
Energy efficiency class       A
Class of washing       A
Spin class       C
Water consumption per wash (l)       40
Rotational speed during spinning (rpm)       1000
Selection of spin speed       Yes
No spin       no
Number of programs       18
Wool washing program       no
Protection against water leakage       Yes
Type of protection against leaks       hoses
Protection from children       Yes
Foam level control       Yes
Tank material       plastic
Choice of temperature       Yes
Half load       no
End of program signal       no
Lighting drum       no
Washing machines Hansa PC4510B425
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