Witson 2011 KIA SPORTAGE (W2-D9529K)
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Model: 2011 KIA SPORTAGE (W2-D9529K)
Manufacturer: Witson
Tuner       there is
CD player       Yes
MP3 player       Yes
DVD player       Yes
Built-in GPS-receiver       Yes
TV tuner       Yes
Mounting size (din)       in full-time
Media       CD-R, CD-RW, DVD R, DVD RW, DVD video
Standards support       SECAM, PAL, NTSC
Memory card support       Micro SD
Display Type       is, touch
Display diagonal (inch)       7.00
Display Aspect Ratio       16: 9
Display size_2 (pix)       800
Dimensions of the display_1 (pix)       480
Bandwidth Support       FM, AM
RDS support       RDS
Features       For KIA SPORTAGE (2010-2011)
Head Unit Witson 2011 KIA SPORTAGE (W2-D9529K)
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