Tramontina Master 24624/186
Category:   » Housing » Dishes » Kitchen knives
Model: Master 24624/186
Manufacturer: Tramontina
Number of items       One item
Characteristics       Toporik
universal       Yes
Cook       Yes
Chopping       Yes
For meat       Yes
For fish       Yes
For vegetables / for cleaning       Yes
For cheese       Yes
For bread       Yes
For steak       Yes
For cutting       Yes
Slicer (thin thread)       Yes
To remove meat from bone       Yes
Santoku (Japanese knife)       Yes
Toporik       Yes
other       Yes
Blade Material       steel
Characteristics       stainless steel
Material of handle       polypropylene handle with antibacterial coating
Stand       Yes
Sharpen       Yes
Scissors       Yes
Fork       Yes
Kitchen knives Tramontina Master 24624/186
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