Vinten PRO-5DC
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Model: PRO-5DC
Manufacturer: Vinten
Tripod Construction       tripod
Tripod type       floor
Application area       for video cameras
Shooting height (cm)       32
Maximum load (kg)       6.00
Weight, kg )       1.30
Minimum shooting height (cm)       32.00
Maximum height of survey (cm)       156.00
Head included       Yes
Head Type       spherical
Screw under the tripod socket of the camera       1/4 ", 3/8"
Angle of head down (degrees)       60
Tilt angle of the head up (degrees)       90
Rotation angle of the head (degrees)       360
Shooting in vertical format       Yes
Level       Yes
Number of boom sections       2
Material       Aluminium alloy
Pole mounts       rubber
Cover included       Yes
Tripods. monopods. tripods Vinten PRO-5DC
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