Bosch MFW 1501
Category:   » Appliances » Small appliances » Small kitchen appliances » Meat grinders
Model: MFW 1501
Manufacturer: Bosch
Power, W )       450
Productivity (kg / min)       1.50
Motor protection against overload       Yes
Reversing system       no
Perforated disk for stuffing       Yes
Nozzle-grater       no
Shredding nozzle       no
Nozzle for cooking sausages       no
Maximum height of dishes (mm)       140
Feed tray       no
Tray material       plastic
Housing material       plastic / stainless steel. steel
Compartment for storing attachments       Yes
Cord storage compartment       Yes
Rubberized feet       Yes
Meat grinders Bosch MFW 1501
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