McQuay M5WMY10LR / M5LCY10FR
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Model: M5WMY10LR/M5LCY10FR
Manufacturer: McQuay
Block type       Wall
A type       split system
Number of indoor units       1
Connecting multiple indoor units       no
Cooling       Yes
Heating       Yes
Filtration       Yes
Ionization       no
Ultrasonic Cleaning       no
Ultraviolet radiation       no
Drying of air       Yes
Humidification of air       no
Ventilation       Yes
Room size (sq. M)       25
Maximum power consumption (kW)       0.73 / 0.7
Cooling capacity (kW)       3.00
Power in heating mode (kW)       4.00
Noise level of the indoor unit (min / max)       21
Noise level of the indoor unit (min / max)       40
Remote control       Yes
On / Off Timer       Yes
Automatic restart       Yes
Adaptation to negative temperature       Yes
The minimum operating temperature of the outdoor unit (° C)       -9
Protection against misuse       Yes
Inverter control       Yes
Air conditioners McQuay M5WMY10LR / M5LCY10FR
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