Mac Audio MPX 112 BP
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Model: MPX 112 BP
Manufacturer: Mac Audio
A type       subwoofer
Size (cm)       thirty
Number of bands       1
Sensitivity (dB)       90
Impedance (Ohms)       4.00
Frequency Response_2 (Hz)       26th
Frequency range_1 (Hz)       250
Rated power (W)       250
Max power (W)       800
Number of speakers       1
Dimensions       300 mm
Housing       Yes
Type of shell       band-pass
Dimensions WxHxD_3 (mm)       385
Dimensions WxHxD_2 (mm)       365
Dimensions WxHxD_1 (mm)       355
Terminals       screw
Car Audio Mac Audio MPX 112 BP
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