Focal 165 KRX2
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Model: 165 KRX2
Manufacturer: Focal
A type       component speaker
Size (cm)       16
Number of bands       2
Sensitivity (dB)       93
Impedance (Ohms)       2.00
Frequency Response_2 (Hz)       70
Frequency range_1 (Hz)       20000
Rated power (W)       100
Max power (W)       200
External crossover       Yes
Crossover frequency       4.7 kHz
The diffuser material       Aramid
Dimensions       165 mm
The diffuser material       composite
Suspension material       butyl
Basket Material       aluminum
Basket       cast
Mounting Depth (mm)       78
Mounting hole (mm)       141
Resonance frequency (Fs) (Hz)       76
Full Q-factor       0.75
The equivalent volume (Vas) (L)       7th
The weight of the magnet (g)       1550
Car Audio Focal 165 KRX2
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